Robust hand tracking without initialization, no matter your body pose.

Surprising static gestures with super fast and robust detection. We can create your own gesture.

Useful hand gestures recognizable at various distances, without any hand skeleton involved.

Combine all the above seamlessly to customize your touch-less interactive solution!


Gestoos algorithms use depth sensors raw data. We offer support for most of existing depth sensors. Use Gestoos with your favorite sensor.

Current support for Asus Xtion, Primesense Carmine, Kinect 1, Orbbec and Structure sensors.

Get GESTOOS SDK for your favorite OS.

This is a Beta version, so all feedback is welcome.

A flavor of what you can do with GESTOOS SDK.
Click & Play samples for Windows and MacOS. Ready to interact!

GESTOOS SDK adds a complete new layer to touchless interaction.

With GESTOOS SDK, you can use cutting-edge computer vision technology in your projects easily. Track hands without initialization nor complex models. Detect natural and meaningful gestures.

main features

  • Static Gesture detection & recognition
  • Hand gestures
  • Robust hand tracking
  • Skeleton initialization not needed
  • Multi-user
  • Easy depth image capture
  • Real-time processing
  • Documentation & support
  • OpenNI2 / OpenCV compatible


GESTOOS SDK comes with an extensive documentation and full compatibility for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Written in C++ with a friendly API.

Supported depth cameras

  • Structure Sensor
  • Asus Xtion Pro (Live)
  • Primesense Carmine
  • Kinect 1

We recommend ORBBEC 3D cameras. They work smoothly with GESTOOS SDK.

ORBBEC website

Application areas

  • I had the opportunity to see the Gestoos founders demo the product and I have to say it was pretty damn cool!

    Stewart MastersBarcinno
  • We wanted to find a silent and intuitive way to tell our computer 'Shut Up!'

    Adolfo LópezGestoos Co-Founder
  • The great thing about Gestoos is that it actually works.

  • Imagine being able to control your lighting with hand gestures…it's now a reality with Gestoos. We love this.

    Philips HuePhilips

Supported static gestures

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