Our technology Gestoos is the first narrow Artificial Intelligence that:


Enables gestural
interactions with objects
or surfaces


Understands human
motion and actions
in specific contexts

The Gestoos SDK provides you with a set of software tools to develop or enhance your own products.

Gestoos incorporates machine learning

The software learns through usage and adopts to the anatomy of different users and also their behavioural patterns.

With Gestoos technology you not only engage users of your product or service and provide a great User Experience, but also track and analyse user interaction:


Transform regular public screens into interactive playgrounds. Make wall-sized interactive displays behave like a touchscreen and then see how individuals and groups are amazed while interacting together simply with hand gestures.


We help you get to know your customers better, by analysing their level of engagement, their movement in space, their attention and interactions with both physical objects and digital content.

See how Gestoos has been applied to…

Consumer Electronics

This project from the Gestoos community, created by Giovanni Saponaro, shows that the possibilities are infinite! The robot you see in this short video clip is tracking the user’s hands and directs its ‘attention’ towards the hand movement.

Visual Analytics

In our vision, teams of data analysts collaborate in front of shared displays, diving effortlessly into large amounts of information by simply using their hands. See an example of how you can explore map data using air gestures.

Interactive Video Walls

In this large, wall-sized video installation, we created a multi-user interactive experience, based on Gestoos SDK. The images and videos react to the approaching visitors and one can interact with the screen simply by pointing in the air.


Gestoos opens up infinite possibilities for fun shopping experiences: wave naturally through online catalogues on large displays in the actual store. Check out our flagship product Imersivo. Gestoos can track & analyse customers’ interactions with physical products. www.imersivo.com

Grab ’n’ Drop colours

We were working on the perfect ‘grab’ gesture, when we prototyped this playful colour picker. The video shows a different user interface where no cursor is needed. Just grab colours, drop them on the side and create a beautiful gradient.

The technology can be applied to numerous industries, from:


Software & Consumer

Car and Transportation