Do magic with your hands

Interact with lights, images and sound with simple gestures


Fast Forward!




Gestoos is a software that allows you to interact with gestures

Plug your depth sensor camera, select a plugin and do magic with your hands!

With GESTOOS you can control computer applications, sound and lights using simple gestures.

GESTOOS is a high-tech computer vision app that makes things easier. Tell your computer to shut-up, or present slides in front of a shocked audience.

You can do that, and much more, with GESTOOS.

  • Philips HUE light control
  • Volume control
  • VLC and Quicktime
  • Keynote and Powerpoint
  • iTunes
  • Vimeo and Youtube*
  • Supports Kinect, Asus Xtion and Structure
  • Light version
  • 30 day trial
*Supported browsers: Chrome, Safari

Supported gestures

Interaction made easy and non intrusive


Forget about waving hands, taking the control and pushing your friends away to start detecting.
Just place your depth camera at 1 to 2.5 meters, start GESTOOS and do magic with your hands!

Includes in-app tutorial


GESTOOS supports the most common depth cameras. Check your drawer, if you one of these cameras, you can use GESTOOS.

Asus Xtion Pro (and Pro Live)
Primesense Carmine

Structure Sensor

Control your favorite apps

Gestoos is connected to many popular computer apps. Now, you can control these apps with gestures!


Quicktime, VLC, Vimeo, Youtube
iTunes, Powerpoint, Keynote
Philips HUE lights

… and more are to come!

Would you like to use Gestoos in your project?

Contact us, we can provide a custom solution adapted to your needs.

You could even suggest new gestures!

What people say

  • I had the opportunity to see the Gestoos founders demo the product and I have to say it was pretty damn cool!

    Stewart Masters
    Stewart MastersBarcinno
  • We wanted to find a silent and intuitive way to tell our computer 'Shut Up!'

    Adolfo López
    Adolfo LópezGestoos Co-Founder
  • Amazing technology!
    I'm using this to control the music and the lights in my house using hand gestures, it is so impressive and works so well! Every time I use it I feel like in a science fiction movie. This is a fantastic product!

  • The great thing about Gestoos is that it actually works.


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