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Gestoos CREATOR is a powerful Computer Vision platform for creating AI models for detecting and understanding human gestures and movements.

A web based
Computer Vision Platform

Gestoos CREATOR leverages the latest image recognition features to generate AI models that can classify a variety of human behaviors.
Our end-to-end platform lets you create custom detection engines that are both high-performance and robust.


Gestoos CREATOR can be used to train detection models for any human activity, gesture or movement, including any combination of person and object.


Leveraging both semi-supervised and incremental learning techniques, Gestoos CREATOR generates models that are more accurate and robust with far lower training data requirements.


Light run-time detection engine runs locally on edge devices, and can take advantage of GPUs/TPUs if available. Multiple detection actions can be combined into a single engine for maximum computing efficiency.


Gestoos CREATOR can be accessed via the customer user company's cloud services account, assuring complete confidentiality of all the company training data and models as it's always in-house.

Gestoos Creator Workflow
Better detection engines,
created faster and easier with less data.
Gestoos CREATOR provides intuitive assistive tools to help any engineers, with no prior knowledge of machine learning and image classification, to go through the whole process of creating detection engines that are able to understand human activities.
Create Dataset
Train & Evaluate
Build & Deploy
Create dataset

Gather and label data

Use real world or synthetic images and videos to create the dataset needed to train a detection engine. Label your dataset using our built-in annotation tool, or import your annotated data elsewhere.

Need more information about the supported data format?

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Train & Evaluate

Iterate to get the best detection

Choose among our base model that best fits your needs, configure your training parameters and understand the results, with no machine learning expertise.

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Build & Deploy

Built-in SDK to easily integrate

Export your detection engine from CREATOR and reduce development effort by integrating the trained model to your application using the Gestoos SDK.

Want more technical details about our SDK and supported devices? Go to SDK


Powered by Computer Vision, our tech enable machines to see, understand and respond to human movement and behavior. Empowering you to create intelligent, engaging solutions.

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