Activity monitoring

Create models that detect human activities and behavior, opening possibilities for automatic responses and smart environments.

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From drowsiness to distraction and dangerous behavior, Gestoos technology aims to detect and assist drivers and passengers during their journeys.

Driver distraction

Detect drinking, smoking, mobile phone usage and other distractive behaviors before the driver gets involved in an accident.

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Passenger monitoring

Understand passenger behavior to enhance journey experience and predict dangerous situations.

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Child or pet detection

Detect when children or pets are left behind, and alert the driver to prevent unfortunate consequences.

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Public spaces

Improve public safety and decrease vandalism by cost effectively monitoring human activity in public spaces.

Safety in escalators

Monitor usage to identify incorrect or dangerous behaviors, alerting building security and when necessary bringing the escalator to a quick, controlled stop.

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Safety in elevators

Identify undesired behaviors inside elevators to guarantee safety and public policy compliance.

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Leverage evolving technologies to adapt and improve industrial processes for both productivity and employee health.

Worker productivity

Monitor processes to identify opportunities, improve ergonomics and gain productivity.

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Industrial safety

Prevent accidents by making robots aware of human movements and behaviors.

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