Gesture device control

Create custom gestures for mid-air interactions. This facilitates touch-free control, which can be integrated into smart systems.

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Health care

Empower medical care personnel allowing them to interact with medical apparel over distance while maintaining hygienic standards.

Hospital devices

Remote control of hospital equipment displayed on monitors.

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Surgical checklist

Track every step of an operation without having to touch the screen.

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Make interactions with your robots more natural with computer vision models that understand human gestures and body language.

Mobile robots

Catch a robot's attention by waving at it. Send it away with a goodbye. Or just dance together.

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Consumer robots

Easily interact and control consumer devices with gestures, or have robot pause trajectory when person is in the way.

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Digital display

Make any screen touch-free using Gestoos technology to track fingertips, hands gestures and body behavior.

Point of sale

Create a complete point of sale from user attraction to sales conversion.

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Virtual assistant

Interact with any virtual assistant in public spaces monitoring user attention and gestures.

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Bring interactivity in promotional and advertising campaigns

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Consumer electronics

Bring gestures to daily life devices, make products more engaging with more flexible interactions.


Naturally interact with your television or monitor using a rich variety of gestures.

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From adding remote control in your media applications to making video calls more interactive with gestures and AR.

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Smart devices

Transform human interactions into commands for home appliances, with hand and head detection models.

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