Our air touch technology for worry-free interactions  

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How does it work?

Using a depth sensor, the Gestoos technology controls the mouse cursor of the operating system, mapping the finger coordinates to its screen position.

Interaction is similar to any touch screen. Click events are triggered with the finger tip, but now done at a specified distance to the screen, insuring both safety and precision.

Avoid the dirty screen.

Gestoos’ air touch technology lets consumers interact worry free from a safe distance by emulating the touch experience.

Great for semi-public spaces, health care and industry

Public transport ticketing machines • self check-out stands in supermarkets and drugstores • restaurant self-ordering touchscreens • airport check-in kiosks • mall information kiosks

Technical Specifications

Supported OS and Processors

Windows 8-10 with minimun Intel Celeron J3455, up to 2.3 GHz, or equivalent
Android 7/8 with minimum ARM Quad-core up to 1.8GHz, or equivalent

Recommended sensors

- Mojave

Supported sensors

- Intel RealSense D415
- Orbbec Astra/Astra Pro
- Orbbec Astra Embedded S
- Orbbec Astra Stereo S

Recommended Setup

To optimize finger detection, hold the camera looking down to the floor. Then tilt the sensor so that the bottom of the image captured is aligned with the top of the screen (tilting forward approximately 25°). The minimum distance between sensor and top of screen varies from sensor to sensor. The following minimum distances are applicable for the recommended sensors. Please ask us for more detailed set-up information for other sensors.

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