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Gestoos gives you a powerful end-to-end platform to create rich behavior recognition and gesture interaction applications.

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The Gestoos Developer Program provides you with powerful platforms, resources and training to build robust edge detection engines across multiple environments. From cars and cargo trailers to factories and ports, our technology solutions enable you to build and deploy best-in-class applications either entirely in-house or with our help. Leveraging Gestoos’ patented software, you can improve safety, increase operational efficiency and empower people to engage with their surroundings.


Integrated Platform

From data set importation and data annotation to model training and evaluation, Gestoos CREATOR provides an end-to-end platform with no coding needs Detailed analysis for model validation is easily accomplished by linking results directly and visually with exact video frames. Build best-in-class models with a comprehensive easy to use tool leveraging patented cutting edge IP.

Reduced aquisition/annotation costs

Our proprietary incremental learning with memory component maximizes accuracy thereby reducing training data needs. In addition, Gestoos CREATOR leverages semisupervised learning techniques that minimize the need for labeled data directly reducing annotation costs. And using non-annotated data has the advantage that additional specific task models can be defined and trained later leveraging incremental learning and a reduced supervised dataset.

Data confidentiality

The Gestoos CREATOR tool can be installed in the user company's cloud services account. In this manner data confidentiality and corporate IP is strictly maintained. This also allows the user to scale both the data storage and computing resources as needed.

No specialized knowledge required

Gestoos CREATOR has been designed by a team with many years of experience developing Computer Vision and AI based products. This extensive knowledge has been crafted into a complete toolkit that can be used by engineering teams with no specialized AI, Machine Learning or CV expertise. The whole model creation process is structured to help users to avoid common failures in data curation and selection, helping to balance categories and different types of metadata (subjects, view-points, scenarios).

Fast development

Quick and agile development is achieved by leveraging pre-developed backbone and base models that dramatically reduce the overall end-to-end model creation time. Additionally, with incremental learning in each iteration only new data is processed reducing training time by orders of magnitude.

Superior robustness

Our patented semi-supervised incremental learning methodology with internal memory component assures previous knowledge is not lost. It also generalizes better and far more accurately captures the long tail of low probability events. Gestoos' shape recognition technology delivers both higher accuracy and improved robustness.


Minumum Requirements

Windows 8/10

Linux (Ubuntu 16.06 or higher)

CPU: Intel i5 2.7 ghz or equivalent(6th generation minimum required for RGB detection API)


Android System Requirement

Minimum CPU: Cortex A17 with Mali-T760 GPU

Recommended CPU: Cortex A73 with Mali G71 MP8

Supported from Android 7.0 up to 9.0

Development Environment

C++, C#




Installation Guide

User's Manual

Technical Support

SDK API documentation

C++ software library

Tools and application




Model generator

Touch free software

Single app to turn your kiosk into a touchless screen


Hand gestures

Includes open, close, index or L-shape. Hand gestures can be either static or dynamic

Head Pose

Body gestures

Interaction between hand and body, such as a finger in front of the mouth for a silence gesture or hand behind the ear for a listening gesture.

Human activities

Drinking, talking or texting with a mobile phone.

Samples included

Hand Gesture Detection

Swipe gesture

Body and head interaction

Activity recognition

Hand & Finger Tracking


We support practically all RGB cameras

Our pre-developed software solutions work with nearly all RGB and
RGB IR cameras. Extreme FOV cameras (>150º) can also be used by adding incremental training data.

USB Web Camera

Wi-fi Cameras

Laptops and PC Cameras

Supported depth camera and sensors

Our SDKs are compatible with most of the depth cameras currently in the market. These are the models we currently support.

Asus Xtion

Intel RealSense depth camera D415

Intel RealSense depth camera D435

Intel RealSense Depth Camera SR305


Occiptal Structure

Occiptal Structure Core

Orbbec Astra Mini

Orbbec Astra Pro

Orbbec Astra Stereo

Orbbec Astra Embedded

PMD Flexx

PMD Monstar

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